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Name: DSHelper

Downloads: 3239

Version: 1.1

Posted by: Matze

This is a little helper DLL for playing sounds using DirectX I made. In order to add proper sound support to Strategic Instinct 2, I recently extended this DLL to support Ogg Vorbis files (.ogg, see This free format provides excellent sound quality, and as adding MP3 support would inherit licensing issues, I decided to go along with it. Well, my point: Ive released DSHelper 1.1! This little DLL allows you to play PCM Wave Files and Ogg Vorbis files in your programs for free (but read the license). If youre a programmer and interested in adding sound support to your game/program/tool/whatever, try it! Its even possible to retrieve the DirectSound 8 buffers to step deeper without having to bother of initializing all that stuff.


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